Frequently Asked Questions

What is Newmar’s Warranty Policy?

How do I read Newmar’s Serial Numbers?

I have a question regarding my PT Battery Charger?

How do I update the SM-32 Firmware for the Centurion II, Sentinel, Commander and Centurion III DC Power Systems?

I have a S.S. 7.5 Inv Source Selector Switch, how do I replace the wiring diagram?

I have questions regarding my DST-8-RB Distribution Panel?

I have questions regarding my Site Power Monitor, SPM-200?


Newmar Warranty

How does Newmar Warranty Policy Work?

Answer: All of the power products which Newmar manufacturers are backed-up by a two year warranty, parts and labor, from the time they are first purchased by the product user.

On products that are past the two year warranty period that need to be returned to the factory for repair then qualify for a one year warranty.

All repaired units are tested at full loads and all circuits are carefully evaluated. Parts are upgraded if necessary, even those which have nothing to do with the reason for the repair, before it is returned to the customer.


Newmar Serial Numbers

How to read a Newmar Serial Number? 

Answer: Knowing how to read our serial numbers makes it easy to identify the date of manufacture. The number is set up this way: First two digits represent the year, second two digits the week, and the final three digits represent the unique sequence number. For example, a unit with a serial number of 1327838 is the 838th unit manufactured in the 27th week of 2013. Please note that this protocol was established in 2000, so this code does not apply to units manufactured prior to this date.


Phase Three Battery Chargers

Regarding the PT-24-45F, can the charger be converted to 115v?

Answer: No the unit is designed to only run on 230v AC 50-60hz only

I received a replacement fan for my 24v PT Charger but the fan is 12v is this correct?

Answer: Yes even if the charger is 24v the fan operates on 12v power from the circuit board

The fan on my charger constantly runs/isn’t running?

Answer: Cooling characteristics of each charger are different refer to the owner’s manual for proper fan operation

Can I order a replacement fan for my PT-7?

Answer: If you suspect a failure of the fan, the unit will need to be sent in for repair. The fan is not user serviceable

Will my PT charger operate at full output voltage if I only use 1 bank or do I need to use all 3 banks?

Answer: The full output voltage will be on all banks. You can use only 1 bank if needed

How can I test that my battery charger is outputting power?

Answer: Verify you have input voltage to the charger. Disconnect the negative terminal from the charger and measure with a volt meter BETWEEN THE NEGATIVE AND the positive dc OUTPUT terminals on the charger. (MAKE SURE THAT YOU PROTECT THE DISCONNECTED NEGATIVE OUTPUT LEAD FROM SHORTING).

Is the Temp sensor necessary for the PT- Charger to operate correctly?

Answer: No, it is optional.


Source Selector Switches

I have a S.S. 7.5 Inv switch and lost the wiring diagram, how do I replace it?

Answer: They are located in our PDF Manual Library. You will find two listings for the S.S. 7.5 Inv switch – one is for an older model switch manufactured by Koncar and the other is the current model being sold manufactured by Auspicious. A label near the rear of the faceplate will tell you which manufactured switch you have. If still not sure, please contact customer service at 800-854-3906.